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Azucena (2000)

Twelve-year-old Lily lives with her father, who has been suspended from the police force, and her stepmother. Her parents sell Lily's aging dog to Mr. Teban for dog meat. Lily convinces Mr. Teban to return her dog, and the she begins a friendship with the dog meat seller, much to the disgust of her friends and family. Mr. Teban becomes her surrogate father, and supports Lily against her abusive father and ineffectual stepmother.

The movie Azucena, released in 2000, features 8 songs from artists like Inang Laya : Rebecca Demetillo-Abraham , Karina Constantino-David, J. Brothers and 6 A.L.. What is your favorite song from Azucena?


Songs from Azucena

Inang Laya : Rebecca Demetillo-Abraham , Karina Constantino-David
Bikining Itim
Sana'y Pag-ibig Mo Ay Tunay Na
J. Brothers
6 A.L.
Gusto Ng Pusa
6 A.L.
Hikaw Ni Lolo
Balakang Ng Gumegewang