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Automorphosis (2008)

AUTOMORPHOSIS looks into the minds and hearts of a delightful collection of eccentrics, visionaries, and just plain folks who have transformed their autos into artworks.

The movie Automorphosis, released in 2008, features 28 songs from artists like Mikoli Weaver / Sonoprint, Tipsy, Spam Allstars and The Toids. What is your favorite song from Automorphosis?


Songs from Automorphosis

Home Sweet Home
Dream On
Mikoli Weaver / Sonoprint
Something Tropical
Joes Drive Through Medley
Spam Allstars
Whisper Hungarian In My Ear
The Toids
Glass Cafe
Queen of the World of Spirits
Cakes And Pies
Milk Man
Love is a Strange Dis-ease
Spoon Man Rap
Extremo's Theme Song
Ralph's Big Tuba
Ralph Carney
Our Lives Change
Slab City
Walking Away My Blues
Stalin's Will
Dub The Time
Tendrils (extended edit)
Oh My God, It's the Blues!
Impor's Theme (Old Vienna Before the War)
Tweaky Eyes