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Anna's Dream (2002)

After a gymnastics accident leaves her paraplegic, 18-year-old Anna Morgan returns to high school. Because of time lost due to her injury and rehab, she is repeating her junior year, with her sister Beth. The film covers her adjustments to her new life, and her classmates' problems in dealing with her wheelchair. In a series of small vignettes, it also gives a picture of her family, good and bad, and her parents' efforts to support their kids while dealing with their own fears.

The movie Anna's Dream, released in 2002, features 7 songs from artists like Jerelyn Newman, Troy Hardy and Lami Stacey Yoon. What is your favorite song from Anna's Dream?


Songs from Anna's Dream

Jerelyn Newman
The Club
Don't Wait
Troy Hardy
My Angel
Troy Hardy
Soul's Saying
Lami Stacey Yoon

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