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American Pie Presents Beta House (2007)

Erik, Ryan, and Cooze start college and pledge the Beta House fraternity, presided over by none other than legendary Dwight Stifler. But chaos ensues when a fraternity of geeks threatens to stop the debauchery and the Betas have to make a stand for their right to party.

The movie American Pie Presents Beta House, released in 2007, features 42 songs from artists like Sound Experience, God Made Me Funky, Mobonix and Daphne Loves Derby. What is your favorite song from American Pie Presents Beta House?


Songs from American Pie Presents Beta House

The Ride of the Valkyries
Wedding March
Don't Fight The Feelin'
Sound Experience
Luv T'Day
God Made Me Funky
Won More Time
God Made Me Funky
Ladies In The Club (What Chu Wanna Do)
Cue The Sun!
Daphne Loves Derby
Get Them Hands High
Ten Days Till
Rocky Road
Devin Lima & The Cadbury Diesel
Love Arcade
Everythign Is Gonna Be Ok
Doug Carrion
Drive Me Crazy
Miss Eighty 6
Inside Outside
Miss Eighty 6
I Ain't Goin' Nowhere
Soul P
Fur Elise
Find Out
Aceyalone featuring Riddlore
Call Me Irresponsible
Robyn Johnson
S?bado En La Noche
Fulanito featuring Tonny Tun Tun
Give Me More
Put Your Hands Up
Soul P
Water Music
Eric Speier
Walking On Fire
I Found My World
Richard Dolmat (as Rich Dolmat)
Kjana Mwana Mwali
Bomas of Kenya
Betsy Roo
Staci Frenes
Stop Before You Start
The John Does
That Kinda Booty
Dem Naughty Boys
Gonna Love You
The Group
All This Time
Jen Foster
My Everything
I'm Sick Of Being Home
Faber College Theme
Elmer Bernstein
On A Bender
Head Up
Ben Gidsjoy
Candy Store
Miss Eighty 6
Pick It Up
Dem Naughty Boys
Love Comes Back To You
Simon Lynge
Bounce Back
Miss Eighty 6
Miss Eighty 6
Rene van Verseveld

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