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Akasha (2001)

The Story revolves around Johnny (Murali) and Annie (Madhavi), a married couple.Johnny is a recurrent alcoholic. After an altercation between Johnny and Keshavan (N F Varghese), who is humiliated in front of his family decides to take revenge and hurts one of their kid.During required blood transfusion it is discovered that Annie's is suffering from a late stage of Leukemia and that she only has a couple of months to live. Annie fearing her kids well being gives then up for better future through adoption.

The movie Akasha, released in 2001, features 9 songs from artists like Pedro Abrunhosa e os Bandemonio, Bliss, 500 & Crave and DC Molina. What is your favorite song from Akasha?


Songs from Akasha

Onde Te Vais Esconder
Pedro Abrunhosa e os Bandemonio
Qualquer Lugar
Pedro Abrunhosa e os Bandemonio
O Que Vai Ser De Mim
Pedro Abrunhosa e os Bandemonio
D?-me O Tempo
Pedro Abrunhosa e os Bandemonio
Some Kind Of Me To You
Better Decision Next Time
In Blank
My Way
500 & Crave
DC Molina

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