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After Sex (2000)

A group of attractive women get together for a weekend of bonding, hoping to relax and getaway from the anxiety of their boyfriends. The women travel out of town which leads them to picking up men of questionable integrity. The next problem is what will they tell their boyfriends when they get back home.

The movie After Sex, released in 2000, features 18 songs from artists like Glenn Scott, Dan Frechette, Spray Face and Starbelly. What is your favorite song from After Sex?


Songs from After Sex

Glenn Scott
It's Alright
Glenn Scott
Comfort of Lies
Dan Frechette
Stun Mullen
Spray Face
Better Than Myself
I Fall for You
Fleming & John
To the Point
Ghetto Cowgirl
Kiss Me
Sixpence None The Richer
Cookie Full of Arsenic
Kitty Kat Stew
What Comes Around, Goes Around
Good Measure
Talk to Me
Gypsy Soul
Dancing My Problems Away
I Kissed a Girl
Jill Sobule
Now That I Don't Have You
Jill Sobule
Houdini's Box
Jill Sobule
Please Come Home
The Broken Homes

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