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Adam & Steve (2005)

Adam and Steve are two gay youths who have a one-night stand that ends embarrassingly. Nearly two decades later, Adam, now a Manhattan tour guide, and Steve, a psychiatrist, meet again -- but neither remembers the other from years before. The two begin dating, even playing matchmaker for their friends Michael and Rhonda, but their promising relationship hits a major snag when Adam and Steve finally recall their past connection.

The movie Adam & Steve, released in 2005, features 10 songs from artists like Kent Fuher, Malcolm Gets, Animotion and The Legendary Buck Silvertone. What is your favorite song from Adam & Steve?


Songs from Adam & Steve

Dance Off
Kent Fuher
Something Good
Malcolm Gets
Southern Girl
The Legendary Buck Silvertone
The Good One's are Always Taken
It's the 80's
Remember Me
Sexy 80's
Love, Love, Love
Courtney Love
Say Hi