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Across the Universe (2007)

When young dockworker Jude leaves Liverpool to find his estranged father in the United States, he is swept up by the waves of change that are re-shaping the nation. Jude falls in love with Lucy, who joins the growing anti-war movement. As the body count in Vietnam rises, political tensions at home spiral out of control and the star-crossed lovers find themselves in a psychedelic world gone mad.

The movie Across the Universe, released in 2007, features 34 songs from artists like Jim Sturgess, Dana Fuchs, Jim Sturgess , Evan Rachel Wood , Lisa Hogg and T.V. Carpio. What is your favorite song from Across the Universe?


Songs from Across the Universe

Jim Sturgess
Helter Skelter
Dana Fuchs
Hold Me Tight
Jim Sturgess , Evan Rachel Wood , Lisa Hogg
All My Loving
Jim Sturgess
I Want To Hold Your Hand
T.V. Carpio
With A Little Help From My Friends
Joe Anderson , Jim Sturgess & Dorm Buddies
It Won't Be Long
Evan Rachel Wood
I've Just Seen A Face
Jim Sturgess
Let It Be
Carol Woods , Timmy Mitchum
Come Together
Joe Cocker , Martin Luther
Why Don't We Do It in the Road?
Dana Fuchs
If I Fell
Evan Rachel Wood
I Want You (She's So Heavy)
Joe Anderson
Dear Prudence
Dana Fuchs , Jim Sturgess , Evan Rachel Wood ,
Secret Machines
Blue Jay Way
Secret Machines
I Am The Walrus
Bono and Secret Machines
Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite
Eddie Izzard
Evan Rachel Wood , Jim Sturgess , Joe Anderson ,
Jim Sturgess
Oh! Darling
Dana Fuchs , Martin Luther
Strawberry Fields Forever
Jim Sturgess , Joe Anderson
Jim Sturgess
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Martin Luther
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Joe Anderson
Evan Rachel Wood
Hey Jude
Joe Anderson
Don't Let Me Down
Dana Fuchs
All You Need Is Love
Jim Sturgess , Dana Fuchs
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
A Day In The Life
George Martin featuring Jeff Beck
Across The Universe
Jim Sturgess , T.V. Carpio
She Loves You
Joe Anderson
And I Love Her

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