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Abunai deka (1987)

When a doctor is found dead and the company's exclusive data on a cancer drug is missing, detective Takayama and Oshita are called to the Nakamitsu pharmaceutical laboratory. However, a bungled attempt to catch the murderer leave Takayama and Oshita reassigned to the lackluster task of patrolling public bathrooms to keep them out of trouble.

The movie Abunai deka, released in 1987, features 10 songs from artists like Eiko Kamata, Mizuki Koyama, Kyoher Shibata and Hiroshi Tachi. What is your favorite song from Abunai deka?


Songs from Abunai deka

Chase You Down (in English)
Eiko Kamata
Still Of The Night (in English)
Mizuki Koyama
Running Shot (in Japanese)
Kyoher Shibata
Save Your Love (in English)
Eiko Kamata
Till It's End (The City Law) (in English)
Mizuki Koyama
A Man Like You (Needs A Woman Like Me) (in English)
Mizuki Koyama
Bye Joker (in Japanese)
Eiko Kamata
Night Walker (Instrumental)
Need Your Love (in English)
Eiko Kamata
Cold Sun (in Japanese)
Hiroshi Tachi