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A Trip to Swadades (2008)

Shot on black-and-white super-16mm, A Trip to Swadades tells the story of a 74-year-old ex-professor named Schweitzer Haas who, after many years of living away from Philadelphia, the city where he came of age, returns to visit his hermit brother Ezra who has perfected his freakish steel-trap memory. As a result, however, his apartment has become an unlivable and unsanitary place. He goes out to find some cleaning supplies, only to find himself lost in a city he no longer knows. By shear happenstance, he bumps into an old friend, a world-class cut-up, who takes him to a place of importance to their past. There, Schweitzer realizes he must reconcile with the brother he has not spoken to and has refused to understand for most of his life.

The movie A Trip to Swadades, released in 2008, features 4 songs from artists like Bob Swenson and Steve Hatzai, The Merry Macs, The Mills Brothers and Fred Astaire. What is your favorite song from A Trip to Swadades?


Songs from A Trip to Swadades

September Song
Bob Swenson and Steve Hatzai
Mairzy Dotes
The Merry Macs
Paper Doll
The Mills Brothers
This Heart of Mine
Fred Astaire

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