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Won't Last a Day Without You (2011)

George Harrison Apostol (Sarah Geronimo) or better known as DJ Heidee is fast becoming the most popular DJ in town with her segment Heartbreak Hotline. DJ Heidee gives love advice to those who are having trouble with their relationships. Most often than not, she advices her callers to break up with their partners instead of working things out first. One caller (Megan Young) complains about her playboy boyfriend Andrew Escalona (Gerald Anderson). When she breaks up with him on air, Andrew threathens to have DJ Heidee investigated and suspended by the KBP not unless she helps him win back his ex-girlfriend.

The movie Won't Last a Day Without You, released in 2011, features 6 songs from artists like Yeng Constantino, Allona, Session Road and Juris (as Juris Fernandez). What is your favorite song from Won't Last a Day Without You?


Songs from Won't Last a Day Without You

Yeng Constantino
Someone's Always Saying Goodbye
Gusto Na Kitang Makita
Session Road
Di Lang Ikaw
Juris (as Juris Fernandez)
Hawak Kamay
Yeng Constantino
I Won't Last a Day Without You
Sarah Geronimo

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