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Wingman Inc. (2013)

When a professional wingman falls for a professional man-eater, it's only a matter of time before they realize that they're in love with the competition.

The movie Wingman Inc., released in 2013, features 38 songs from artists like Ant Grant feat. D-Duce, Jel, Andrea Marchant and Brad Hooks. What is your favorite song from Wingman Inc.?


Songs from Wingman Inc.

Shaded Trees
Heart Beat
Ant Grant feat. D-Duce
What Kind Of Mood
Andrea Marchant
Lipstick Letter
Let It Go
Brad Hooks
I Want You
Diamonds N Scratch
Sub Machine Gun
Diamonds N Scratch
Better Than You
- Jel
Like A River
Anna Gilbert
Without You Tonight
Brighter Days
We Danced
Shall We Begin
Waiting (When I See You)
Dree Paterson
I Wait 4 U
Lenny Fontana & Ridney Featuring Larisa
Hands Up
Ant Grant
My Rose
Delious Kennedy
Sister Soul
Rob Larkin, Will Segar, Jonathan Flaugher, Ricky Rodriguez.
I Don't Mind
Marcus Mc Millan
I Know
Adero Neely
See U Dancin
Ant Grant feat. Marcus Green
Where My Head Used To Be
Can I Be Matched With You?
The Como Brothers Band
Counting Down
Andrea Marchant
You Are My World
The Como Brothers Band
What They Say
Kayla Stockert & The Como Brothers Band
Screaming at the Ceiling
Pretty Girl
Nees and Vos
Lucy Billings
Maybe I'm Crazy
Long Way Home
Nick Flora
I Remember
Diamonds N Scratch
Great Escape
Nick Flora
Bonnie & Clyde
Rude City Riot
Club Dress
Adero Neely
Magic Wand

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