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Win Win (2011)

When down-on-his-luck part-time high school wrestling coach Mike agrees to become legal guardian to an elderly man, his ward's troubled grandson turns out to be a star grappler, sparking dreams of a big win -- until the boy's mother retrieves him.

The movie Win Win, released in 2011, features 21 songs from artists like Hail The Villian, Airbourne, Off With Their Heads and Johnny Jacobs and His Campaign Combo. What is your favorite song from Win Win?


Songs from Win Win

Hail The Villian
Nearer My God To Thee
Crystal Mania
Sexy Muzaak Esm
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Blonde Bad and Beautiful
Until The Day
Off With Their Heads
Johnny Jacobs and His Campaign Combo
Burn Season
Convenience Store Muzaak Esm
I Am You
Off With Their Heads
Out of Control
Fight! Fight! Fight! A
Scratch Anthem
Have A Nice Day
Bon Jovi
Gladiator March
Mellow Muzaak Esm
Think You Can Wait
The National & Sharon Van Etten

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