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Wedding Bells & Shotgun Shells (2013)

The movie Wedding Bells & Shotgun Shells, released in 2013, features 17 songs from artists like Shuvlhed, Performed by: Scottie Nova & Hersh Ft Tay Don, Sonny Greeneyes and Performed by: Darkness Dear Boy. What is your favorite song from Wedding Bells & Shotgun Shells?

Songs from Wedding Bells & Shotgun Shells

Performed by: Scottie Nova & Hersh Ft Tay Don
Mountain Man
Sonny Greeneyes
Performed by: Darkness Dear Boy
Hey Lady
Troy (TMAC) Macfarland
Riot In My Head
Red Again
What's Inside
Performed by: Miller Micheal
New Normal
Speak Your Mind
Performed by: Bo Porter
Too Sad For Radio
Performed by: Barbara Lysaker
Doin Me
Performed by: Pack
I Want You
He's Loving You
The Clinton Johnson Band
I Didn't See That Comin'
Performed by: Bo Porter
Attached To A Letter
Jillian Grutta
Hell of a Hell
Thomas Bromley

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