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Wear (2015)

A mother's battle against gender stereotyping to protect her child's individuality in a society that promotes images of masculinity but how far will she go to defeat the established order of things?

The movie Wear, released in 2015, features 23 songs from artists like Robert Ashley and Mimi Johnson, The Shelton Brothers, Your Wildest Dreams and Eva Cassidy. What is your favorite song from Wear?


Songs from Wear

The Beauty of Sorrow
So hard, it hurts!
Automatic Writing, or Fathers and Sons Exposed in Little Light
Robert Ashley and Mimi Johnson
Aura Lee
The Shelton Brothers
Say It's Not Over
Rattlesnake Mountain
Mindless Child of Motherhood
The Love of a Good Man
Been & Gone
Your Wildest Dreams
House of the Father
Tall Trees in Georgia
Eva Cassidy
Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier
Pete Seeger
Hotel Overture
Carla Bley and The Jazz Composers Orchestra
Come On In
Your Wildest Dreams
The Roots of the Moment'
Gesture Without Plot
I Forgot To Be Your Lover
William Bell
I'm The One
Love Me Tender
Annette Peacock
Travel Light
Your Wildest Dreams

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