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Visible Scars (2012)

Years ago, Mike killed the new mother of twin girls and took the babies to a house in the woods, claiming them as his own to appease his wife's desire for kids. 10 years later, Stacy flees to her uncle's old secluded cabin in those same woods to escape her abusive boyfriend. There, she is haunted by the ghosts of the little girls crying for their mother.

The movie Visible Scars, released in 2012, features 11 songs from artists like Bonnie Montgomery, Ted Slaughter, Jenna Bryson and Stephen Barr. What is your favorite song from Visible Scars?


Songs from Visible Scars

So cruel
Bonnie Montgomery
Southern swing
Ted Slaughter
Jenna Bryson
Jenna Bryson
Sitar Whack
Stephen Barr
It was you
Antony Field
Before my time
The Whiskey Saints
Read Light
Antony Field
Broken glass
Fearless and Free
Paul Freeman
The Angels Are Near
Les voix imitant les enfants