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Vinyl (2012)

Based on true events. When a new record by an old band is turned down by ageist record companies, the veteran punk band assemble a group of youngsters to stand in for them, and fool the music industry.

The movie Vinyl, released in 2012, features 42 songs from artists like The Weapons Of Happiness, The Alarm (as The Alarm MMVIII), Steve Allan Jones and Jamie Blackley. What is your favorite song from Vinyl?


Songs from Vinyl

Free Rock 'N Roll
Free Rock 'N Roll
The Weapons Of Happiness
Rip It Up
Cowpat Town
London Again
Tomorrow Calling
Hear Me Out
Nothing To Do
Social Security
Alarm Alarm
Standing On The Corner
A Breed Apart
Immediate Girl
Kill To Get What You Want (Die For What You Believe In)
The Alarm (as The Alarm MMVIII)
Fill In The Blanks
The Alarm (as The Alarm MMVIII)
Alarm Calling
The Alarm (as The Alarm MMVIII)
You're Only Young (And Innocent) Once
The Alarm (as The Alarm MMVIII)
Where Have The Good Times Gone
The Alarm (as The Alarm MMVIII)
Three Sevens Crash
The Alarm (as The Alarm MMVIII)
I Can't Be Bought
No Emotion
Steve Allan Jones
Vroom Service
Steve Allan Jones
Never Give Me Nothing
Steve Allan Jones
Drum n Bass
Steve Allan Jones
Jamie Blackley
TOTP 2 Theme
Johnny's Theme
Cruise Jingle
Planet Star
Changing Of Your Guard
World Spinning Round
Insufficient Funds In My Love Account
To Stand When I've Fallen
Jonny Manak and the Depressives
Echoes Of My Tears
Velcro Lewis Group
2 Tight 2 Fight
Miss Frost
This Is Not A Test
I Can Run Faster Than You

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