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Trash Dance (2012)

A year spent with choreographer Allison Orr as she rides out with and tries to persuade employees of the Austin Dept. of Solid Waste Services to collaborate in a public dance performance. The performance eventually takes place, in the rain, on the tarmac of an abandoned airport, with over two thousand people watching--16 trucks, 24 people-- and sweeps local art and performance awards.

The movie Trash Dance, released in 2012, features 10 songs from artists like Ivory Jackson Jr., P Bailey and Orange Jefferson. What is your favorite song from Trash Dance?


Songs from Trash Dance

Ivory's Rap
Ivory Jackson Jr.
Do What You Feel
P Bailey
Orange Jefferson
Trash Dance
I'm Not a Good Ballet Dancer At All
You're Not Rid of Me Yet
Skate Rink
Leave Your Trucks On
We Left a Lasting Impression