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Trailer Park Jesus (2012)

Jessie deals with a bad breakup, by purchasing a sheet of acid to share with his friends back home in Missouri. He hopes this will erase the bad memory of his college girlfriend, delivering the heartbreaking news to him, during sex. Departing New Orleans, Jessie detours onto Route 61, seeking a change of routine from the monotony of the Interstate. Unexpectedly, his engine fails at a forgotten trailer park in Cleveland, Mississippi. Fearful he's about to be harmed by bikers, Jessie exchanges hits of L.S.D. for safe passage home. During the ebb and flow of the day, Jessie experiences the extraordinary in the pedestrian, whilst resurrecting the lives of many. Inspired by a true misadventure.

The movie Trailer Park Jesus, released in 2012, features 18 songs from artists like Afroskull, Luke Winslow King (as Luke Winslow-King), Gravity A and Country Fried. What is your favorite song from Trailer Park Jesus?


Songs from Trailer Park Jesus

Eat This
Lost Soul
Luke Winslow King (as Luke Winslow-King)
Watching Myself Walk
Gravity A
Giddy Up
Country Fried
Best Years Gone/Betting My Life on a 4 Story Paper Building
A Midnight Plume
Pack Your Bags
The Happy Talk Band
Video Game the Movie
John the Revelator
Silent Cinema
Faces and Names
The Madd Wikkid
Going on an Ice Cream Trip
Baby I'm Gonna **** You Right (instrumental)
Space Chicken
Lucky Devil
Meschiya Lake
Redneck Riot
Burn a Bridge
Kara Mann
Sex Wax

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