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The Inbetweeners Movie (2011)

High school graduation just wouldn’t be complete without an un-chaperoned, uninhibited and unforgettable final holiday. At least that’s what Will, Jay, Simon and Neil think when they book a two-week stay on an exotic Greek island. As their dreams of sun-drenched days and booze-filled nights are left hopelessly unfulfilled, the lads fight their way into the party scene with hilariously humiliating results in this smash hit UK raunchy comedy.

The movie The Inbetweeners Movie, released in 2011, features 41 songs from artists like The Vines, Rob Harvey & Mike Millrain, Miles Kane and Kesha (as Ke$ha). What is your favorite song from The Inbetweeners Movie?


Songs from The Inbetweeners Movie

Gimmie Love
The Vines
Really Filthy
Rob Harvey & Mike Millrain
Miles Kane
No Problemo
Blow (Cirkut Remix)
Kesha (as Ke$ha)
Stay Too Long
Plan B
Dirty Mitch
We No Speak No Americano
Yolanda Be Cool
Pio Kala
Master Tempo feat. Xristina Kolesta
Candy Man
Pes to Nai
Mia Chari
Ekti Esthisi
Xristina Kolesta
Thelis Lai Me Vasanizis
Xristina Kolesta
Take It Like a Man
Meg Cottone
Nothing But Love
Axwell feat. Errol Reid
All About Tonight
Pixie Lott
An Yparchoun Aggeloi
Pas To Mou To Nai
Fernando's Theme
Ihos Fos Kai Horos
Elizabeth Anastasiou
Bar Athena
Twenty Euros
Feels Good to Be Bad
Clunge in a Barrel
Waving not Drowning
Feels So Close
Calvin Harris
Twenty Miles
Deer Tick
MY KZ UR BF (Grum Mix)
Everything Everything
We Are Go
Mike Skinner feat. Laura Vane
The Boy Who Murdered Love
Diana Vickers
Monatronic 5000
Do Right
Rachael Gautreau
Whatever It Takes
The D.O.T.
Ravey Davey
Do It
Party All Night (Sleep All Day)
Sean Kingston
Gone Up in Flames
Morning Runner