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The Frozen Ground (2013)

An Alaska State Trooper partners with a young woman who escaped the clutches of serial killer Robert Hansen to bring the murderer to justice. Based on actual events.

The movie The Frozen Ground, released in 2013, features 25 songs from artists like Zeenit, Pixie Revolution, The Kevin Fisher Band and Susan Rose. What is your favorite song from The Frozen Ground?


Songs from The Frozen Ground

Take Me Home
Pixie Revolution
I Always Tried
The Kevin Fisher Band
This Is Who I Am
Susan Rose
The Jetzons
Blue Shoes
Heavy Metal Shuffle
Reagan Youth
Something About You
If Ever 2 Hearts Weere Meant To Be
Eric Scott and Co.
These Walls Between
Loosely Tightly (as Loosely Tight)
Real Time
The Jetzons
Summers Sweet
At The Playground
Fates May Lie
Snatch Magnet
Walk My Way
The Karma Killers
Have a Ball
Play Me Like A Rhythm
Funny Money
Triumph Over Will
The Rogues
One Foot In The Grave
Snatch Magnet
Fightin Society
Loosely Tightly (as Loosely Tight)
Smoke From A Gun
Waking All The Demons
Memory Finds You
Nathan Picard and The Vacancy
Let Me Go Crazy
Loosely Tightly (as Loosely Tight)
No Angel
Pixie Revolution & Greg Johnson

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