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Thank You a Lot (2014)

A struggling, two-bit music manager will lose his job unless he signs a reclusive country music singer, James Hand, who also happens to be his estranged father.

The movie Thank You a Lot, released in 2014, features 24 songs from artists like James Hand, DaShade Moonbeam, Queen Deelah and Hundred Visions. What is your favorite song from Thank You a Lot?


Songs from Thank You a Lot

The Banks of The Brazos
James Hand
Gotta Get On Up
DaShade Moonbeam
Queen Deelah
Let's Go Young
Hundred Visions
Nothing To Lose
La Migra
Love (Reflective)
DaShade Moonbeam
Full Shining Stars
Vincent Tone
Sensory Kid
Hundred Visions
The Doner Blues
Shakey Graves
Last Cab From Tunis
Hundred Visions
I Need It Now And Not Later
James Hand
You Almost Fell
James Hand
Favorite Fool
James Hand
Shadows Where The Magic Was
James Hand
American Sharks
Walk Right Up
Hundred Visions
In The Meantime
Seth Walker
When Morning Dawns
Truth Don't Make You Move
Blacklisted Individuals
Heat Death of the Universe
Corto Maltese
I Didn't Know It Was Like That
Adam Blau
James And Jack
Adam Blau
Not Afraid To Die
Good Times Crisis Band
Looking For Somebody
La Migra

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