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Swamphead (2011)

An ancient relic is found at the bottom of a local lake which resurrects the severed head of Robert Gross, aka Swamphead. A group of hapless teens come across the relic and their weekend camping trip becomes a nightmare of blood, feces, and more head than a night in Tijuana. Can they destroy the zombie head or will they die trying?

The movie Swamphead, released in 2011, features 8 songs from artists like Bloodhawk, Kurt Stein, Dan Dehart and Kevin McLoud. What is your favorite song from Swamphead?


Songs from Swamphead

Lava Ship
80's Tune
Kurt Stein
Going Nowhere
Dan Dehart
Agents of Chaos
Kevin McLoud
Whole Chicken
Machine Gun Joe
MO 6
Nick Pipitone

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