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Speed Date (2011)

A high-energy romantic comedy that follows three bachelors, speeding through life and scheming on women. When it comes to the opposite sex, it’s about the “chase” and “finish line.” Dog (Chico Benymon, Life Is Not a Fairytale: The Fantasia Barrino Story) and Beaver (Leonard Robinson, TV’s Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out) spend their last dime on a nightclub, while Too Cool (Wesley Jonathan, Roll Bounce) devises the ultimate scheme to get women and money – SPEED-DATING!

The movie Speed Date, released in 2011, features 23 songs from artists like The Jessie Rose Trip, Daniel Spiller And The Broken Record Project, Shoebox and Nedry. What is your favorite song from Speed Date?


Songs from Speed Date

It's Just Soul
The Jessie Rose Trip
Daniel Spiller And The Broken Record Project
Victoria Road
A Girl Like You
Ash Before Oak
The Second Thought
humanizer (featuring Sam Midnight)
In Watermelon Sugar
The Lovely Eggs
The Love You're Losing
Figure It Out
How I'd Live My Life aka The Bumblebee Song
Sweet Baboo
You're So Cute
Cars Can Be Blue
(I Don't Want To Tempt) Time
the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
I'm Not Listening
The Words
Devil On My Shoulder
Mamma Freedom
Single Bar Routine
John Keenan
Shroom Shock
The Shaken Bakers
All Romance Will Fail
Aron Paul
For Real
Shakey Jakes
Mama Said
White Ghost Shivers
The Hidden Revolution
Sendai City Blues
Daniel Sumner
What Do You Know?
Ste McCabe