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Son-of-a-Guns (2011)

The story of a man who attempts to make his body anti-lightning and succeeded. This success interest the drug syndicate who later kidnaps him to make heroin concoction. The mastermind turns out to be a friend of the man. The man determines to defeat them all.

The movie Son-of-a-Guns, released in 2011, features 7 songs from artists like The Robbie Cook Band, Ezmat (feat. Obie Iyoha & Will Fairbanks), Ezmat (feat MAHYAR) and Ezmat. What is your favorite song from Son-of-a-Guns?


Songs from Son-of-a-Guns

Brooklyn Can Wait
The Robbie Cook Band
The Robbie Cook Band
Cruise Control
Ezmat (feat. Obie Iyoha & Will Fairbanks)
All We Got
Ezmat (feat MAHYAR)
She Is My Hip Hop
Have A Rastaday
Pete Calandra
Longing For Mystery
Derby, Barbara Ann Morillo and Karen Lee Larson