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She Wants Me (2012)

A neurotic writer working on his new film gets into a tricky situation when an A-list actress shows interest in the role intended for his girlfriend.

The movie She Wants Me, released in 2012, features 14 songs from artists like Architecture in Helsinki, Band of Horses, Performed by: Stars and Redshirt Theory. What is your favorite song from She Wants Me?


Songs from She Wants Me

Maybe You Can Owe Me
Architecture in Helsinki
Infinite Arms
Band of Horses
Your Ex Lover Is Dead
Performed by: Stars
Clean Sheets
My Boom
Redshirt Theory
Nicole Reynolds
Come to Light
Saturn Missiles
Dang Diggy Dang
The Beatards
Big Bad Beat
The Beatards
All I Want To Do
Sleeping Pill
David Jensen
Training Wheels
Eight Bit Tiger
Bending Over Backwards
The Wandas
This Town
Niels Nielsen

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