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Roskisprinssi (2011)

Jed (19) walks out on his former life, without destination, without explanation, and gets on a train. He ends up by happenstance in a small eastern town in Finland where he soon comes face to face with the daily rigors of independent life. Coping becomes a challenge for him almost to the point of being an obsession. Of all the people in town, Jed seems to constantly run across the prickly and quick-witted Lulu (17). Gradually, without either of them admitting it, their relationship changes from bickering, picking on each other and a battle of wills to friendship, and as can happen, finally to love.

The movie Roskisprinssi, released in 2011, features 6 songs from artists like Stella, Maria Lund, Jonna Kosonen (as Jonna Geagea) and Mikko Pohjola. What is your favorite song from Roskisprinssi?


Songs from Roskisprinssi

Maria Lund
Yhten? iltana
Katso mua
Jonna Kosonen (as Jonna Geagea)
Paikkani tied?n
Mikko Pohjola