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Raid of the Rainbow Lounge (2012)

A full length documentary film recounting the events surrounding the widely publicized and controversial raid of a Fort Worth, Texas gay bar in 2009. Following a sordid aftermath, Fort Worth would become a leader in LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) equality. However, that journey was not smooth and without controversies. Witness history unfold as this film documents that journey from the perspective of eyewitnesses, activists and politicians who helped change the city. Narrated by television icon and Emmy nominated actress, Meredith Baxter.

The movie Raid of the Rainbow Lounge, released in 2012, features 21 songs from artists like Angelo, C. Armour, Josh Bradford and Michael Clay. What is your favorite song from Raid of the Rainbow Lounge?


Songs from Raid of the Rainbow Lounge

Go'head! (Luv & Jeeve Rx)
C. Armour
Ground Zero is Clear Today
Josh Bradford
Looking Glass
Josh Bradford
What You Came Here For
Michael Clay
David Dub
I Want That Man (Mike Bordes Radio)
Jenn Cuneta
Pride Is The Word (Vibelicious Classic Radio)
David James Boyd
Stoyan Ganev
Kiss Me Kill Me
Stoyan Ganev
I Lost My Child
Stoyan Ganev
The Investigation
Stoyan Ganev
Main Suspect
Stoyan Ganev
Not Far From the Truth
Stoyan Ganev
My Garden
Evolving Mood
Tony Mitchell
Change is Just Around the Corner
Rachel Panay
Shine On (Constantine Club Mix)
Rachel Panay
Candlelight Vigil
Patrick A. Thompson
Prologue: Chaos
Patrick A. Thompson
Going Up to Fort Worth
Walt Wilkins