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Prosopagnosia (2011)

Prosopanosia: 'A two faced story' Alfred finds his best friend Julia dead in her apartment and looks the perpetrator right in the eyes. He is unable to identify him, because of his extremely rare condition known as face blindness, or Prosopagnosia. Helpless and confused Alfred has to endure a long interrogation at the police office. He turns out to be the obvious suspect in this horrible homicide. While Alfred tries to convince the inspector of his innocence and menacing illness their both bound to discover a shocking truth.

The movie Prosopagnosia, released in 2011, features 2 songs from artists like Yvette Graveline & Herman Witkam. What is your favorite song from Prosopagnosia?


Songs from Prosopagnosia

Yvette Graveline & Herman Witkam

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