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My Paranormal Romance (2011)

A girl named Merry Pascual, a typical college girl, who wants to finish her academic studies in the toughest and most respected institutions in the country, Super Hard University. Her life turned when she transferred to a boarding house owned by Miss Edwina. Little did Merry know that Miss Edwina has the power to see spirits from another reality. Until Miss Edwina got caught in an accident, Merry was the successor of Miss Edwina of owning the third eye. Having a third eye wasn’t part of Merry’s plans in life. So she seeks for a paranormal expert who can remove the third eye from her.

The movie My Paranormal Romance, released in 2011, features 6 songs from artists like Bethany, Publio Briones III and Rescue a Hero. What is your favorite song from My Paranormal Romance?


Songs from My Paranormal Romance

No Diversion
Rise and Shine
With You
This is the Song
Publio Briones III
Atomic Clock
Rescue a Hero