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Madras (2014)

A portrayal of the lives of the people living in North Madras, focusing on the politics inside the slums and how their plight remains the same, despite the political class luring them constantly during elections.

The movie Madras, released in 2014, features 7 songs from artists like Harihara Sudhan & Meenakshi Iyer, Gaana Bala, The Studio Orchestra of Sydney and Shakthisree Gopalan & Dheekshitha. What is your favorite song from Madras?


Songs from Madras

Chennai Vada Chennai
Harihara Sudhan & Meenakshi Iyer
Kakidha Kappal
Gaana Bala
Kaali Love Theme
The Studio Orchestra of Sydney
Naan Nee
Shakthisree Gopalan & Dheekshitha
Agayam Theepiditha
Pradeep Kumar
Gaana Bala
Suvar Theme Music