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La permission de minuit (2011)

David, a professor of dermatology, has been treating 13-year-old Romain since he was a baby. Afflicted with a rare skin condition, Romain must avoid sunlight and is condemned to live in the shade. David and Romain have become the closest of friends and nothing can separate them. But then David learns that he is about to be transferred to another clinic in another town. How will he be able to break the news to Romain? And how will Romain cope with this new crisis in his life?

The movie La permission de minuit, released in 2011, features 6 songs from artists like Bless and Nathalie Boutefeu. What is your favorite song from La permission de minuit?


Songs from La permission de minuit

Powerful Man
Let Me Know:
In the Air
C'est Extra
The Searchers theme
Les danses espagnoles No 5
Nathalie Boutefeu

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