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Klassefesten (2011)

'The Renion' is a new Danish comedy starring Troels Lyby, Nicolaj Copernicus and Anders W. Berthelsen. The three highschool friends Niels (Nicolaj Copernicus), Andreas (Anders W. Berthelsen) and Thomas (Troels Lyby) are invited to their 25 years anniversary. While Niels and Andrew struggles with not feeling like participating, Thomas is of a different opinion. Having arranged an all-time weekend of drinks, ladies and blowing off steam! The big question is: Will they actually survive the Copenhagen nightlife ... and will they even get to the reunion?. 'The Reunion' is a Danish comedy about old friends, that realises, at some point they are going to grow up and have to behave as adults... AS IF!

The movie Klassefesten, released in 2011, features 12 songs from artists like One Two, Apollo, Satue Grand Cru and Salute Grand Cru. What is your favorite song from Klassefesten?


Songs from Klassefesten

Den bedste tid
One Two
Too Many Nights
Holb?k Bay
Satue Grand Cru
Hvor er du nu?
Salute Grand Cru
Mit rette element
Eumig & Chinon
Jag t?nker dansa
Silja Okking (as Silja)
Piger med pistoler
Champion PT. 2 ('Kato (VI)' (qv) Remix)
Clemens Telling (as Clemens) feat. Jon N?rgaard
Sommer i Europa
Rasmus N?hr
Sommerfugle i maven
Amalie Bruun
Such a Lovely Day
Mikkel Solnado