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Khokababu (2012)

The film is about Khokababu (Dev) who is a cool and a clever guy. Bhaiji is a well-known don in his territory whom everybody fears and obeys. Khoka joins Bhaiji's circle as an accountant where he has a wacky senior Khanra Babu. Khoka with his super wit starts to obtain every luxury that a perfect office should have and starts to hoax Bhaiji. Problems occur when Khoka falls in love with Bhaiji's sister Pooja (Subhasree Ganguly). That's how our super-clever Chalu Cheez Khokababu takes the story ahead.

The movie Khokababu, released in 2012, features 8 songs from artists like Rishi Chanda, Zubin Garg & June Banerjee, Kunal Ganjawala and Mika Singh & Mamta Sharma. What is your favorite song from Khokababu?


Songs from Khokababu

Dance Mare Khokababu (Title Track)
Rishi Chanda
Soniye Tu Janiye Tu
Zubin Garg & June Banerjee
Amai Ador Kor
Kunal Ganjawala
Pyar Ka Jhatka
Mika Singh & Mamta Sharma
Tore Niye Jai
Zubin Garg & Mahalakshmi Iyer
Mon Kande Pran Kande
Rishi Chanda & Roop Kumar Rathod
Khoka Chalu Cheez
Mon Kande Pran Kande (Solo)
Roop Kumar Rathod