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Junkhearts (2011)

Frank is an ex-soldier, haunted by a violent past. He lives alone, drowning his nightmares with alcohol. Christine - smart and successful... on the surface, tackles life as a single working mother by immersing herself in drugs, parties and sex. Lynette, a young rough sleeper watches Christine stumble out of a club whilst she sits in the cold waiting for loose change to fall on her lap; her luck seems to change when she meets Frank who despite his misgivings, offers her a place to stay.

The movie Junkhearts, released in 2011, features 21 songs from artists like Sunday Driver, Mara & Supadubz, BiB with Chris Irish (Trumpet) and Ben Cummings (Piano) and Christopher N Bangs. What is your favorite song from Junkhearts?


Songs from Junkhearts

The Gayatri Mantra
Sunday Driver
Warm Rays
Mara & Supadubz
A Conventional Love Song
BiB with Chris Irish (Trumpet) and Ben Cummings (Piano)
Metal Bass
Christopher N Bangs
The Brown Bear
Mary Erksine
Cash City
Robyn Sherwell
Nick's Lament
Shadow Orchestra
Make A Little Room
Al Lewis
I Am
She Makes War
Send Me a Sign
Chules Odiwe AKA Steelo & Henry C. Akpapunam AKA Big Cokes
Mister Mister
Robyn Sherwell
Victims of Crime K-OS Mix
BiB (Duncan McAfee & Chris Warren)
Back Like I Never Left
Llyle Raw Smilez Hodge
The Motive
Jackson Milky Madness & Lazy Specs
Moves Alone Dupstep Remix
Lazy Specs & Jackson Milky Madness
Something Totally Alien
Dan Firman DNA
Moves Alone
Lazy Specs & Jackson Milky Madness
Second Strike
Nick Siddall
Bakul Bagan Road
Sunday Driver
Bol & Spoon
Sunday Driver

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