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Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever (2012)

Brooklyn girl gang member Krank, after being shot in a mysterious guinea pig lab rescue incident, comes home from the hospital in a wheelchair to find her cats are gone, her mother is still insane and her gang is kicking her out. She turns to her best friend, the Mechanic, who gives her a pep talk and offers to turn her heap of crap wheelchair into a hot rod. Krank then joins the Outcasts, NYC girl gang wheel riders with a twist.

The movie Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever, released in 2012, features 13 songs from artists like GSX featuring Betsy Todd, GSX featuring Vero, GSX and Tara DeLong. What is your favorite song from Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever?


Songs from Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever

Hell On Wheels
GSX featuring Betsy Todd
Funky Skate
GSX featuring Vero
Living Among
Tara DeLong
Best Revenge
Hooray for Goodbye
Triple Creme
Cherry Dream
Karyn Kuhl Band
Get What You Give
Karyn Kuhl Band
Skate to Hell
Kissy Kamikaze
Brand New Key
Betsy Todd and GSX
Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M'envais
Sarah Greenwood