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Fright Night (2011)

A teenager suspects his new neighbour is a vampire. Unable to convince anyone, he tries to enlist the help of a self-proclaimed vampire hunter and magician.

The movie Fright Night, released in 2011, features 21 songs from artists like Brian de Mercia, Alexander, Foster the People and Christopher Lennertz and Zachary Ryan. What is your favorite song from Fright Night?


Songs from Fright Night

Blank Sabbath
Brian de Mercia
Bad Bad Love
Pumped Up Kicks
Foster the People
Christopher Lennertz and Zachary Ryan
Velvet Coat
The Shadow
Figure and Groove
Cough Syrup
Young the Giant
Real Hosewives of New Jersey Opening Theme
Craig Sharmat
Aaron R. Kaplan and Harold B. Sanders III
Bring Up the Bass
Tom Torhan
Take 15
Aaron R. Kaplan and Harold B. Sanders III
Pop it Up
Chuck Lovejoy
Dark Destiny
Henning Lohner , Uwe Boll , Jason Burnett
Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)
Scott Mescudi feat. MGMT & Ratatat
Letting Go
Lupe Fiasco feat. Sarah Green
Don't Fade Away (Coir & Orchestra)
Sebastian Morawietz
I Was Once a Glass of Tang
Jet Horns
I'm A Man
The Blue Van
No One Believes Me
Scott Mescudi

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