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Di yi ci (2012)

Sonq Shiqiao (Angelababy), 22, lives with her devoted mother, widowed shop owner Zheng Qing (Jiang Shan). Shiqiao, who always dreamed of being a ballet dancer, cannot exert herself physically as she suffers from form of myasthenia, a neuromuscular disease, that her father died of; the medication she takes also causes memory lapses. One day, at a charity fair, she bumps into Gong Ning (Mark Chao), a former high-school friend she always liked, and the two end up dating, despite the initial disapproval of her mother. Gong Ning dropped out of university to spend more time with a rock band he leads; also, his girlfriend, dancer Peng Wei (Cindy Yen), has dumped him because of his inability to focus his life. However, for Shiqiao, Gong Ning is the perfect partner.

The movie Di yi ci, released in 2012, features 13 songs from artists like Mark Chao, Baihe Bai, Hutian Taihong and Lara Liang. What is your favorite song from Di yi ci?


Songs from Di yi ci

Ku de xiang xiaohai
Mark Chao
Stand By Me
Mark Chao
Xiao maol?
Mark Chao
Me and You
Mark Chao
Get Out
Mark Chao
Rock 'n' Roll Man
Mark Chao
Women bushi duishou
Mark Chao
Zhen de ai ni
Baihe Bai
Yuzhong zhi wu
Hutian Taihong
You Are My Sunshine Bossanova version
Lara Liang
You Are My Sunshine Rock version
Shan Jiang
The Last Time
Cindy Yen
Dou yao weixiao hao ma?

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