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Darker Than You Think (2016)

n 2002, ex Pri-Meat worker Alan Smithee was sent to a psychiatric ward for his part in the Massacre at Two Moon Park occurring on Pri-Meat's land. Alan swore that he did the world a favor by killing "Zombies" while Pri Meat owner, Karl Atkins, issued a statement that they lost power, and a section of their mental patient ward escaped into the woods...where they were all brutally slain by Alan, and his Crew consisting of Paige (gun for hire) and Nick (the Brains). After 8 years Alan is released from a maximum security facility to the hands of a film director hell bent on making the ultimate zombie movie; asking Alan for authenticity to help re-tell the story. After learning that Alan is free, and a foiled attempt on her life, Paige enlists an old friend to help her uncover the 2 Moon Park mystery. Were they in fact zombies covered up by Pri Meat? And if so, how did this all come to fruition?

The movie Darker Than You Think, released in 2016, features 21 songs from artists like Sidney Bechet, Lena Horne, Duke Ellington and Benny Moten. What is your favorite song from Darker Than You Think?


Songs from Darker Than You Think

Sendin' the Vipers
I've Found a New Babe
Sidney Bechet
Creepy Feeling
Egyptian Fantasy
Sidney Bechet
Isle of the Dead Op 29
Sidney Bechet
I'd Know you Anywhere
Lena Horne
Take the A Train
Duke Ellington
Stormy Weather
Lena Horne
Benny Moten
Sophisticated Lady
Duke Ellington
Night and Day
The Rite of Spring
La Nuit est Sorci?re
Chant in the Night
Born to Dance
Red Hot Pepper
Now's the Time
Charlie Parkers Reboppers
New Orleans Bump
Old Man River
Bea Foote
Le Sacre du Printemps