Songs from Movies (2011)

Exposed by his girlfriend through a video on the Internet, Bruno tries to revive his reputation, but all he can do is get into a series of traps (Cilada, in Portuguese). is a comedy about love and betrayal that shows the power of the Internet to transform small intimacies and slips in fame and constraints globalized.

The movie, released in 2011, features 11 songs from artists like Os Cutembergs, Kool & The Gang and Banda Bife. What is your favorite song from


Songs from

Por Tudo que For
Adeus Meus Rock'n'Roll
Os Cutembergs
Os Cutembergs
Kool & The Gang
Deixa Eu Te Amar
Funk do Coelh?o
Oops... Coloquei uma Foto Sua Pelada na Internet
Os Cutembergs
Piscar o Olho
Pl?stico Bolha
Surf Malecon
Banda Bife Questions and Comments