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A Warrior's Heart (2011)

Unable to cope with his military father's sudden death in combat, quick-tempered teen, Conor, starts getting into serious trouble. During an intense lacrosse camp, his father's old friend challenges Conor to get his life on track and become a man.

The movie A Warrior's Heart, released in 2011, features 12 songs from artists like Nick Cappelletti, The F**cking Eagles, Burning Daylight and Ocha la Rocha. What is your favorite song from A Warrior's Heart?


Songs from A Warrior's Heart

Breathe Into Me
Nick Cappelletti
Gentlemen's Blues
The F**cking Eagles
Breaking Tradition
Burning Daylight
You Baby You
Ocha la Rocha
The Casanova
Andy Clockwise
250 Miles
Radio Moscow
You Devil
Sandra DiAmante
Rascal Flatts
Suffocation (Prelude Op.28, No.4)
Alec Puro
Regina Spektor
Deep Breath
Burning Daylight