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1939 (1993)

When the war breaks out, Annika lives with her parents in Värmland, close to the border to Norway. Her cousin Harald is a dealer in the black market but has to escape from the police to Norway. Annika moves to Stockholm and gets a job as a waitress. She meets the happy-go-lucky Berit and together they have a wonderful time. She also meets a young man, Bengt, whom she marries. But almost immediately she discovers that her husband is different from the man who was courting her. Plot by Mattias Thuresson.

The movie 1939, released in 1993, features 28 songs from artists like Maija-Liisa Lehtinen and orchestra, Finlandia-orkesteri, Eric Tidlund and Ramblers and Gaby Ross and Ramblers. What is your favorite song from 1939?


Songs from 1939

Les patineurs / Luistelijat
Maija-Liisa Lehtinen and orchestra
Kalevala-sarja op. 23, I osa Maan synty
Suven leikkeihin kaipaan
Eric Tidlund and Ramblers
'Oi s? kuu kirkkahin..'
Gaby Ross and Ramblers
Kes?illan idylli
His Master's Voice
Kalevala-sarja op. 23, III osa Terhenniemi
Eugen Malmst?n and Columbia-orkesteri
Lippulaulu / Siniristilippumme
Helsingin Teatteriorkesteri
Helsingin Teatteriorkesteri
Virsi 152 'Jumala ompi linnamme..'
Kun tanssii lambeth walk'ia, suonissa ei ole kalkkia
Matti Jurva and orchestra
Oi kallis Suomenmaa
Mieskuoro Finlandia
P?in onnen rantaa / Se lempi
Olavi Virta and Ramblers
Ganz allerliebst / Kaikkein rakkain
Helsingin Odeon-valssiorkesteri
Laulu meripojille
Harmony Sisters and Dallap?-orkesteri
Sillanp??n marssilaulu
Helsingin Varuskuntasoittokunta, Mieskvartetti and Laivaston soittokunta
Suomen kaartin paluulaulu / Oi kallis kotimaa
Kaarlo Angerkoski
3 Bf
Helsingin Kaupunginorkesteri
Olavi Virta and Lepakot
Syd?meni laulu
Mieskuoro Finlandia
Mieskuoro Finlandia
Suomis s?ng / Suomen laulu
Mieskuoro Finlandia
Kaurapellon pientareella
Kuvia maalaisel?m?st?
Arvi Tikkala and His Master's Voice

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