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Youth Brigade

Youth Brigade can refer to two different punk music groups. (1) The first was a punk music trio formed by brothers Mark Stern, Adam Stern, and Shawn Stern, in Hollywood, California in 1980. The band has broken up and subsequently re-formed a number of times. They have been together again for several years as of 2006, and playing shows throughout California. Youth Brigade have only released a few records, but were influential as the founders of the Better Youth Organization, an independent record label and concert booking firm. Read more on

Youth Brigade has 5 songs that have been featured in movies like Floundering, Punk's Not Dead, Thirteen and Grand Theft Auto V (VG). What is your favorite song by Youth Brigade?


Songs from Youth Brigade

Shoulda Stayed Home
Do You Want to Die
Fuck You
Blown Away
Did You Wanna Die

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