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Wild Strawberries

There are two bands called Wild Strawberries: 1) Wild Strawberries is a Canadian pop band made up of married couple Roberta Carter Harrison (vocals) and Ken Harrison. Interestingly, the former is a physiotherapist and the latter is a doctor. They have released a number of albums, their latest being Deformative Years in 2005. The band's early releases were produced independently, leading to the creation of the Strawberry Records label. After the successful Bet You Think I'm Lonely album Read more on

Wild Strawberries has 4 songs that have been featured in movies like Foxfire, The Highwayman and Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms. What is your favorite song by Wild Strawberries?


Songs from Wild Strawberries

I Don't Want To Think About It
Pretty Lip
Concha Y Toro

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