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The Statler Brothers

The Statler Brothers were an American country music vocal group founded in 1955 in Staunton, Virginia. Originally performing gospel music at local churches, the group billed themselves as The Four Star Quartet, and later The Kingsmen. In 1963, when the song "Louie, Louie" by the garage rock band also called The Kingsmen became famous, the group elected to bill themselves as The Statler Brothers. Despite the name, only two members of the group (Don and Harold Reid) are actual brothers and none have the surname of "Statler". Read more on

The Statler Brothers has 9 songs that have been featured in movies like 12th Annual Music City News Awards, 13th Annual Music City News Awards, 14th Annual Music City News Awards and 20th Annual Music City News Awards. What is your favorite song by The Statler Brothers?


Songs from The Statler Brothers

I'll Go To My Grave Lovin' You
How To Be A Country Star
Nobody Wants To Be Country
Count On Me
I'll Go To My Grave Loving You
Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott
Flowers On the Wall
In the Beginning
Bed of Roses