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the Skylarks

Zenzile Miriam Makeba was born in Johannesburg on 4 March 1932. Her mother was a Swazi sangoma (traditional healer-herbalist). Her father, who died when she was six years old, was a Xhosa. When she was eighteen days old, her mother was arrested for selling umqombothi, an African homemade beer brewed from malt and cornmeal. Her mother was sentenced to a six-month prison term, so Miriam spent her first six months of life in jail. As a child, she sang in the choir of the Kilmerton Training Institute in Pretoria Read more on

the Skylarks has 2 songs that have been featured in movies like Don Cornell Sings and My Girl. What is your favorite song by the Skylarks?


Songs from the Skylarks

St. Louis Blues