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The Replacements

The Replacements were an alternative rock group that formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1979. The band originally started off as a hardcore punk outfit but began to incorporate folk and power pop influences in their sound. They become one of the leaders of the early alt-folk set and one of the flagship bands of the American post-punk scene in the 80s, being a major influence on 90s indie rock as well. The band's best known lineup consisted of Paul Westerberg (vocals Read more on

The Replacements has 16 songs that have been featured in movies like Adventureland, Airheads, That's My Boy and Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again. What is your favorite song by The Replacements?


Songs from The Replacements

Bastards of Young
I'll Be You
Can't Hardly Wait
Here Comes A Regular
Shooting Dirty Pool
Treatment Bound
Anwyhere's Better Than Here
Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
I Will Dare
Skyway (1987)
We'll Inherit the Earth (1989)
Within Your Reach
Color Me Impressed
Achin' To Be