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Steven Banks

Steven Banks is an American musician, comedian, actor, and writer of television cartoons, including SpongeBob SquarePants. Banks hit it big when he developed (and starred in) a one-man theatrical show titled Home Entertainment Center – a comedic play about an easily-distracted procrastinator trying to meet a work deadline. He gave 440 performances of Home Entertainment Center at venues like the Canon Theater, Pasadena Playhouse, Marine's Memorial Theater, and The One Act in San Francisco (where the show ran for eleven months). Read more on

Steven Banks was featured in the movie Steven Banks: Home Entertainment Center.


Songs from Steven Banks

My Name is Steven
2001 Overture
My Way
Who Killed the King of Rock & Roll?
Peggy Sue
La Bamba
House of the Rising Sun
Twist and Shout
I'm Not Bob Dylan
At the Bar-B-Que
Phoebe's Song
Rock & Roll R.I.P.
Trying to Be Cool

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