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There is more than one group with this name. 1) When you think of the Vancouver BC based SPREADEAGLE you think of one of the loudest bands to grace us with their head-banging, rock n roll presence in North America by far. The band was formed in early 2000 when brothers and guitarists extraordinaire Donnie James Rio (Chris Dyck) and Mattias Stabbs (Matt Dyck) decided it was time to play rad music how they want and when they want. Throughout the life span of 8 years Read more on

SpreadEagle has 7 songs that have been featured in movies like Hanger, Throttle Trauma and Throttle Trauma 2: Street Kings.. What is your favorite song by SpreadEagle?


Songs from SpreadEagle

Now That's Electric
Bad Motherfucker
Now could be never
Now thats electric
Sweatin my dil

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