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Siva Noir

siva noir is a rock band | siva is the supreme hindu god | noir is the french word for black | cano is the songwriter | cano is also the drummer | cano met lexi in november of 2007 | lexi newman is the singer | cano and lexi formed siva noir | line-up was completed by bassist xander lott and guitarist kent hutchison | kent is on loan from the band cue the moon | xander and lexi have cool names with the letter x | kent rocks Read more on

Siva Noir has 6 songs that have been featured in movies like The 7 Adventures of Sinbad, The Terminators, Jailbait (V) and Transmorphers: Fall of Man. What is your favorite song by Siva Noir?


Songs from Siva Noir

End Times
Theatre of Pain
No Hero
Wicked Days
My Confessional
The Hunger

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